Lhakpa Dhondup Shresta

Lhakpa is the Happy Home official representative in Kathmandu and is a friend whom we fully trust.

Lhakpa was born in Gyangtse, Tibet in 1957. After the Chinese took over Tibet (1959), he came to Nepal with his family via Sikkim since his father is part of the Shrestha ethnic group, which is from Nepal and the Sikkim region of India. He has 7 siblings, three of whom have passed away, three are living in Nepal and one is in the United States.

As he was recognized as the incarnation of a Lama, and would normally have had to go to a Tibetan monastery at eight years of age. But after he arrived in Nepal, he lost contact with the monastery.

After arriving in Nepal, he received support from “Swiss Aid to Tibetans”, a Swiss not-for-profit organization based in Zurich. This support enabled him to study in India where he met his wife Rita.


While in India, Lhakpa met his sponsor, Trudi Bluner, who lives in Steffisburg, near Thun, Switzerland.

Upon completion of his studies, he returned to Nepal and throughout his life, he has continually worked for the betterment of needy and suffering people. He has worked for decades to improve the lives of mentally retarded children, handicapped people, and leprosy patients.  He soon found employment with Education Foundation Relief Nepal (EFREN), a foundation recognized by the government, who hired him as secretary general. The goal of the foundation is to provide education to poor and disadvantaged children in rural and urban areas. At that time, EFREN worked with different organizations including Happy Home, but Lhakpa was not yet in direct contact with Happy Home.

Alongside this work, Lhakpa worked for the Tibetan Educational Relief Association (TERA), an English organization.


When Happy School/Home faced problems with its director in 1993, a new one was hired and TERA asked Lhakpa to become the new secretary general to monitor the school. The school was closed in 1998 and Lhakpa stayed on as the representative of both organizations, Happy Home and TERA, to continue supporting the children.

TERA has a bigger capacity than Happy Home, but our goals are the same. We are in regular contact.



Read here the last than-you letter from Lhakpa to the donors.