We just take by phone to our friend Lhakpa in Katmandou. He and his wife are safe and well. They don't have news from children, but I'll give us information as soon as possible.



We don't have news from your firends, Lhakpa and the children, but we know the communication's access are down. We give some knews as soon as possible.



We have some material (glasses, jackets, medical equipment) and we are lokking for peaople to carryit in Nepal. If you plane any travel and if you have a small place in your bagage, contact us! Thank you!

We are looking for financial support but also for motivated people for our committee who are ready to help Happy Home’s actions. Can you bring ideas and new members as well as assist with fundraising? A few quality hours here and there is enough. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Wishes for 2013

Our best wishes to you for a happy new year 2013. We hope 2013 will be a good year for Happy Home, one that is rich in your generosity!

We would like to thank warmly every person that has occasionally or regularly helped this organization. Your help is priceless for the Nepalese children.


Tenzin, the first child being supported by our organization, is now working!

One meeting - and hope that I can help them again and again...

September 2009. During a one-week homestay with Lhapka (our local representative in Kathmandu) and his wife Rita, I was fortunate to experience their everyday life of these Nepalese friends. The children we support in Kathmandu, and their families, knew that I was in Nepal and I spent the first few days anxiously looking forward to meeting them. Unfortunately, thanks to some bad luck, when student Tenzin Woeden and his mother decided to spontaneously visit me at Lhapka’s house, I happened to be out of town, breathing the fresh air of Pokhara for a few days. Upon my return to Kathmandu, I was delighted to find a short but touching note that Tenzin had left for me. It was thus my turn to go to their place!


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